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Master class

for decorating a cake

«Fairy meadow»

Step by step tutorials on decorating a cake using various techniques. Making butterflies from wafer paper, a wreath of greenery, making a wafer picture. Convenient private office.


🔸 Introductory lesson

🔸 Making butterflies from wafer paper

🔸 Unicorn waffle picture

🔸 Waffle paper wreath assembly

🔸 Decorating the Fairy Meadow cake

🔸 Name certificate

You will gain skills and learn secrets that will be useful for making other desserts and creating your own author's masterpieces!

Your result

Your result

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🔸 You get access to the materials immediately after payment. All instructions will be sent by email.

🔸 Inside your personal account you will have video tutorials with a detailed demonstration and comments.

🔸 For video tutorials, you will receive step-by-step instructions, theoretical material, a list of products and a description of technologies.

🔸 You will have feedback and answers to all your questions while access to the lessons is open.

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Who conducts the lessons?

Natalya Mokhosova

Leading expert and founder of the school «Natalie»

🔸 10000+ hours of practice and great experience

🔸 1500+ graduates in various programs

🔸 Three times silver medalist in international cake design competitions Cake international and CAKE ARTIST WORLD

🔸 Author and chief curator of more than 15 courses and master classes

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A detailed list of tools and ingredients is described inside each lesson. What exactly is needed and how much. Below is a general list for the master class.

In the lessons we will need:

✅ Wafer paper
✅ Thin wire 0.3mm for leaves and thick 0.7mm for trunk
✅ Food grade glycerin
✅ Scissors
✅ Dyes (yellow, red, black)
✅ Brushes
✅ White mastic
✅ Rolling pin for rolling mastic
✅ Scalpel or small knife

✅ Vodka
✅ Scissors
✅ Tape tape
✅ Blank or false tier (in your case, a “live” cake)
✅ Cake coating cream (in my case, ganache)
✅ Mixer, silicone spatula, spatula and palette
✅ Kandurin golden color
✅ Cookie crumb (I use Yubileinoye cookie crumb, crumble until the desired fractions are obtained and stain with green fat-soluble dye)
✅ Marshmallow, you can use other sweets or even fruit berries

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